2012 Tapiz Black Tears Malbec Review



So it's been a while since I did a writeup for wine but had a very nice malbec this evening that deserved some praise. We grilled some tomahawk ribeyes again which I've found need something bold, spicy and a bit oakey.

I picked up this Tapiz "Black Tears" malbec last week in preparation for this vacation as it scored a 92 from my homies at Wine Spectator. I was not disappointed.

The nose had hints of tobacco and blackberry - no, ya degenerates not a blueberry black and mild. I did not decant as I am decanter-less but I don't think this bottle needed it. I could not make out a difference from opening to bottle-kill.

The taste was great. Oak and pepper attacked me from all sides but I was ready because the nicer Argentinian malbecs tend to take over that flavor. It complimented the MANSTEAK (not what you order at a Chippendales show) and overall was a great wine. I would like to see it closer to $40 but it's not a crazy biy at $50 for sure.

Definitely give this a try and be sure to pair with a hearty meal. This wine deserves some class then a bit of rough housing. KNOWWHUMSAYIN