2014 Irwin Family The Bull Red Blend Review



So this wine was a gift from our frands Jessi and SCOTT FROM STOUTS WITH SCAWT and I was pumped to try it.

Y'all. This wine had me pacing, questioning my life and smashing my head into the table trying to figure out what was going on...I was stumped. So like when you've had enough of your crying infant you put it down and walk away (JK CPS JK)...I did that. I did what any rational human would do and I gave it time to figure out its Grapular Identity at wine school where it experimented with other fruits and hard drugs...until it called to me.

It came out as an earthy wine with plum and tobacco notes ending with spice. The finish was a tad bitter which seems odd for a wine of this orientation but overall fantastic. There is sediment at the bottom so it is largely unfiltered which gives the wine extra personality - that is perfectly normal for nice wines.

We had it with our family's pasta recipe which I felt complimented it well. I would recommend you let this wine air for about 30 mins in a decanter to let it achieve its highest Super Saiyan level (like over 9000).

Pick it up if you can - I will definitely keep an eye out for other Irwin Family Vineyards.

Also y'all check out the how to pick wine video. Lotta helpful stuff in there.