2014 Browne Family Vineyards - The Advocate Red Blend Review



Washington and Oregon are putting out some really tasty wines so I'm always excited to try something new from there. This was a very unassuming bottle sitting near the back of the shelf wanting some friends. I enjoy helping people out so I extended my hand as an act of peace and it cheerfully accepted my gesture.

The nose on this one had an odd tobacco / leather note for this type of blend - usually experience this kind of smell with earthier wines. Whenever I mention something like tobacco / leather it's not, "Hey this smells like Uncle James whose two loves in life are his LA-Z-BOY and his Marlboro Reds" but more of a woft of air as you pass a cigar bar while holding your side piece's hand.

The taste on this one was not what I expected coming off the nose - a tart fruity taste (like a blackberry cobbler from this one place I use to go near Auburn where they burned your steak every single time but it's ok because we didn't have no money to complain with) was followed by a nice, calm vanilla finish. Although it was a bit more complex than I anticipated I'm not a huge fan of inter-mingling my earthy and fruity tones. THAT BEING SAID, I liked this wine but I would like it more at $20.

You can drink this one straight out of the bottle and I would recommend it more for a pound it down while you're fighting with your kids about taking baths than trying to pair it up with a meal. If you're going to pour it on someone in a rap video I'd recommend a Nicki Minaj song or possibly something by Pastor Troy from the early 2000s as he pairs nicely with blends.