2015 Orin Swift Machete Red Blend Review



The first thing you need to do is read my post about the 2014 version. Once you have read that return here. I'll wait...

I'm glad you're back. That wine was badass. This wine is good but not as badass. I won't go into all the deets on this one because a lot of the same characteristics apply. I didn't get plum here but the blackberries were definitely present. In the 2014 there were overwhelming earth notes that I love and sadly this one didn't have as many pronounced.

It was still a nice wine but it's unfortunate they could not keep up that level of awesome between the years. That's how it goes with a lot of American wine though - sometimes you get a year that is just cannot be reproduced.

The thing they did keep the same is the damn waxstic top that is just perfect for getting aggravated and slicing your finger open on. Whoever went with that method at this winery needs to spend a full day doing nothing but opening these thing so they can suffer the same horrid fate of their customers.