+ Reviews

"A Bad Wine Reviews wine tasting is like experiencing true love for the first time - only with cheese. 5/5 stars!" - Shania T.

"Did a whiskey tasting through Bad Wine Reviews and I had the most fun I've ever experienced. My wedding was a snore fest compared to this." - K. Costner

"If you don't do wine tastings through Bad Wine Reviews you may in fact be the dumbest person ever." B. Nye

"Darryl is extremely professional, I learned so much and he didn't even cut me off when I climbed my drapes and leaped onto my sofa." - J. Osteen

+ How This Works

  1. The goal of my tasting events is to expose you and your group to new wine and spirits from around the globe. It can be overwhelming at a store so let me help you in your journey!

  2. Contact me via the Contact / About section and we will fully customize a wine/whiskey tasting event for you. We will go over everything from the bottles you want to taste to food to supplies required.

  3. At the event I will arrive early to ensure everything is ready for you and your guests. I can be as involved or not involved as you want depending on your goal for the evening.

  4. Cost: Wine - total cost of bottles, mileage (58 cents per mile) from downtown to location and extras (glasses, cheese plates, etc.) plus 20%. Whiskey - You can choose to buy per bottle or per ounces poured plus mileage plus 20%. Simple

  5. A $100 deposit is required once details are confirmed.

+ Example Tastings

The following are examples of possible tastings. We can go from extremely broad (e.g. general introduction to wine and whiskey) to specific (e.g. high altitude cabernets, 120+ proof bourbon).


  • Italian Reds of the Piemonte Region
  • Provence (French) Rosé Wine
  • Argentinian Malbecs
  • California Dry Cabs
  • Australian Shiraz
  • Random Red/White/Rosé Assortment


  • Bourbon
  • Ryes
  • Finished whiskies (port, sherry, rum, etc.)
  • Scotch (peated, finished, etc.)
  • American Whiskey

+ Information to Know

  • Availability: Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays - contact directly for weekdays
  • Plan for 1.5 bottles per person
  • I can accommodate all group sizes
  • Some wines need to open up - I may need to arrive early or bring some bottles opened
  • I am not a Sommelier - I love wine and am looking to share what knowledge I have with others